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I will ALWAYS have this in my "medicine" cabinet.

This is one of my most favorite products. It works miracles on pain and has heled injuries heal soooo much faster than they would have on their own and lessened the pain significantly. Based upon my own experience, I highly recommend this product for aches and pains, as well as things like sprains, bumps, bruises, etc.

Elaine Davis

I have had extensive lumbar surgery and fusion due to collapsing spine form Post Polio Syndrome I have an implanted spinal cord stimulator and had had break thru pain. I have used the ointment for about 3 weeks and it is a great product. I was skeptical that an ointment would be beneficial but it certainly is. It is a great pain reliever. My wife has used on occasional neck pain and has been equally impressed. I am reordering to be sure we have a supply on hand. Easy to apply, very pleasant smell and does not leave a greasy residue. We highly recommend.

Marcy Tharp

I’ve been using this CBD Balm for 3 years for muscle spasms from 2 neck disc herniations and 1 lumbar disc herniation. Within minutes of rubbing the CBD Balm in I am pain free. I don’t go to physical therapy anymore and have not had surgery. I have given multiple family members some of my balm who suffer from arthritis, bursitis, muscle spasms, and amputee pain, and now they and their doctors swear by this product for reducing pain and allowing them to resume normal activities. I LOVE ORGANIC GREEN ROOTS CBD BALM as it allows me to live a pain free life without any additional pain medication. I buy the 3 jar special at a time and this company never pesters me with unnecessary emails or texts. Will be a lifetime customer.

John McCain

This is the best topical CBD product on the market. Helped me recover from surgery and chronic back pain. This balm keeps me active.


My husband has been suffering with pain for a couple of weeks with his upper back near his shoulder blade. I received your OGR Hemp Resin Balm yesterday and massaged it on the sore area. He woke up this morning "feeling no pain"! Thank you for this fantastic, high quality balm! It is the most effective topical CBD product we have ever used! 🙏☝🏻💯

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