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Christina Beko
Neck Pain

I have shooting neck pain which then causes migraines. If my neck starts acting up I just rub this in to my neck and by morning all pain is gone and my neck is relaxed and no migraine.

Jeff Petty
Chronic pain balm

Numbs the area. Relaxes the muscle. Alysha was VERY knowledgeable and was eager to pass along what she knew. Also helped with finding a local place that carries her products. As my shipment wasn't going to be to me before I left town. So many people nowadays are only after themselves, she took it further than I expected. Very Pleased. Thank you Alysha!!!!

Kim Angell
Pain balm

I have used this for a very painful knee and it helps a lot . Way better then anything over the counter in a retail store .

Kam A
Hands-down, amazing

The best CBD balm I’ve ever tried

Jared Mcphetridge
Chronic pain rub

I thought that their sleep gummies were good... forget Ben gay or menthol smelling pain creams that mask pain, this pain salve is the absolute best thing I've ever put on sore muscles. I was a athlete for years and now have worked construction for 20 plus years.. im used to be sore. This stuff is miracle gel!! Works literally in seconds. Thank you so so much for this product. Yes it's pricey, but when dealing with pain, I'll gladly pay for something that works🙏 not to mention it beat up my headache like a mma fighter. Rubbing it on my forehead did wonders, and fast!!

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