Water Soluble Hemp Extract

Broad Spectrum Hemp Concentrate - this unique selective spectrum extract is high in CBD, THC FREE and 100% Soluble in water!

Through a patented micro-encapsulation system, hemp distillate transforms into a water dispersible, broad spectrum hemp ingredient which boasts high-purity CBD. This white, free flowing powder is flavorless and water soluble with no bitter aftertaste.

The unique extract suspends equally throughout a liquid, allows for the addition of functional materials such as flavoring or other active ingredients. It was designed for formulators and product manufactures as well as home based start-ups. This ingredient has a broad range of application in the hemp products industry and can be utilized as an ingredient in a variety of water-based products or other powders, and also features a wide range of customizable cannabinoid formulations.

Sold as a functional ingredient in product manufacturing. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. 

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Water Soluble Hemp Extract

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