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Electra is one of the best strains OGR offers

I've tried several and Electra just has the right combo of terpenes and effects. I typically make tinctures with this flower but occasionally I smoke it to offset the nauseating side effects of my chemo and it works quickly and potently. Highly recommend this strain!

Best part is there's hardly any stem in these pounds. The owner loves their business and treats their customers like kings.

Thank you Christopher! I really appreciate this review. Thanks so much for all your support over the years. It's been a pleasure :)

Alice Harper

I’m so in love with this stuff, I suffer from back pain and I promise you this stuff is better than pain killers.

James Valentine

Awesome batch pound my friends love it

Ricoh Thompson

I am very impressed with the quality of this flower. It’s hard to find high quality cbd like this that looks/smells/tastes awesome. Really like the high CBD percentage too! Effects are relaxing and soothing. Can’t go wrong with this one!

Phillip Gordon

I am very impressed with this flower. I was excited to re-introduce cannabis into my life since mostly cutting out THC as I got older. The flower looks great, smells great, and tastes great, and also has a very nice relaxing effect. I like to either use it in a Volcano vaporizer, traditional glass, or rolled in papers and each way has works well. It's great for relaxing, and before bed, but isn't so sedative that it can't be used in the middle of the day. People are consistently surprised when they see it and it looks like high quality cannabis.I've bought the Elektra in both the fully hand trimmed and machine trimmed and found that the fully hand trimmed (I think it used to be call special reserve or something) is a very premium product. If you're exclusively looking for the effects, or to roll up tons of it in papers it might be best on the wallet to get the machine trim, it still tastes nice and looks nice. But if you're looking for the fully premium top shelf experience, the hand trim (and I believe it's cured specially too) is really a nice treat.Also, OGR is an amazing company, Alysha has been very responsive and helpful in my journey of discovering hemp, and the products are really high quality and reasonably priced, especially when considering the quality.

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