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Mark Salazar

I have been over weight my entire life. Due to this reason, I never enjoy walking or going outdoors much. I had about 2 grams of Blue Delica C and I felt a soothing sensation around my body. My muscles were relaxed, I was the most comfortable I have ever been. Now, about 30 minutes after having the 2 grams, I had the sudden urge to get up and do something because I felt energized and capable. I went for a very pleasant walk. My muscles didn't ache or get sore. I felt like I could walk on and on and on. This beautiful plant has helped me reduce my stress, anxiety, and has even given me the energy boost I needed to be active. Thank you so so much

Mark Salazar

This smells absolutely insane. I was not expecting such great quality. I am more than pleased, but most importantly, I am in peace and tranquility. My anxiety is at an all time low. Thank you so much

Vincent Mclemore

Decent strain for the price and smokes smooth.

Julia Monero

I don’t know how more people aren’t talking about cbd. For me it’s been a miracle product. Helps with my arthritis and helps me fall asleep easy. I wish I had found this sooner- I love the flavor of this one - bluedelicac. Alysha who helped me was very knowledgeable and helpful too. Highly recommend.

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