Our Story

Organic Green Roots is a small organic Hemp Farm located near Portland Oregon.

Our farm was inspired from a personal experience in December 2016.

Potato, our 13 year old pug suddenly began having grand mal cluster seizures. The initial seizures increased in frequency and within a day he was having a seizure every 2 hours. Our vet suggested we put him on some very harsh pharmaceuticals with terrible side effects. These drugs also needed 2 weeks before full results could be obtained. Due to the severity of the seizures, he didn't have 2 weeks. We were aware of the success children were experiencing with CBD and epilepsy and the low side effects, so we decided to start with a CBD tincture to see how potato would respond.

The next day we gave Potato a few drops of a full spectrum hemp extract with a high CBD, low THC ratio. After the first dose, his seizures slowed down in frequency and within 24 hours he was seizure free. We continued to give him the hemp tincture every 12 hours and within a week, he recovered all of his lost abilities (an effect of the seizures), he also gained a puppy like energy and his long time front leg limp disappeared.

After several months of buying the hemp medicine for Potato, we became interested in growing our own medicine and helping others to obtain quality hemp for various needs. With our combined backgrounds in business, horticulture and natural medicine, we felt inspired to start our own hemp farm. In the spring of 2017, the first seed was planted and Organic Green Roots Hemp Farm began.

Hemp is an incredible plant with the potential to change the world. We would like to contribute to this positive change one seed, one plant and one flower at a time. Knowing we are growing a medicinal plant, we take an extremely mindful approach to our farming practices. Our soil has been certified organic for over 20 years and we use 100% organic growing methods. We tend to our farm every day throughout the growing season and do all the planting and harvesting by hand. Our soil is enriched with biologically active nutrients such as beneficial bacteria infused biochar and bio-available minerals. We aim to proliferate the diversity of beneficial life in the soil for natural organic nutrient uptake. 
No machines are used in the harvesting process. We hand harvest 100% of our crop and dry our top flower slowly to preserve terpene content for an extremely flavorful and highly medicinal dried flower. After harvest, we store all of our inventory in a climate controlled clean space away from light.
We currently offer 4 strains for small batch release to speciality extractors, product manufactures, boutique resellers and home users. Our hemp is pure and potent with a diverse spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Our Premium top flower has 18-20% CBDa and 5+% terpenes!

Potato update: It’s been 2+ years since his first seizure. He’s had a few since then, but has been seizure free for over a year! He takes 12mg of a full spectrum CBD tincture 2x a day. His tincture is made from hemp we grew for him in 2017. 

He can be found on instagram @potatosayshi

Thanks for visiting our website and feel free to contact us with any questions!