Cherry Wine | Delta-8 THC Hemp Flower - 1lb Sale

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Phillip Gordon

I really like this stuff, especially for the bargain price.

For reference, in Nov 2021 I purchased the 2019 smaller buds harvested in 2019, so ~2 yrs old.

I expected the nose to be much more bland and muted than it is; while it's machine trimmed bulk buds, it's leaps and bounds above what I expected for the heavily discounted bargain bud price. My plan was to use this exclusively for extracts/edibles however it will actually work fine in a flower vape or pipe; although for exclusively smoke/vape there's a great case to be made for the premium fresh flower which is extremely tasty and smells delicious.

The Delta 8 content is quite strong, stronger then I expected. I have a decent amount of experience with different Delta 8 concentrates and found that the flower had a more powerful effect than the concentrate cartridges I've used. It's probably because of the entourage effect that comes with the other cannabinoids not found in larger quantities in narrow spectrum concentrates. Either way this has a wonderful symphony of cannabinoids.

Also, some personal experience with Delta 8. I find that "the munchies" is very muted compared to traditional Delta 9, which is the main reason I use Delta 8. I feel like this isn't discussed enough.

Long story short, this stuff is really good and very worth the price.

Thank you Phil! I really appreciate this review :)

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