CBD Hemp Flower - small buds (2019) Sale

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Sam Aubert

Used for ethanol extraction and it turned out great

William Lorg

You can tell this owner has put their heart into every aspect from the ground up! Most appreciated is how customer service experience made me feel. Pleased 100 percent.

James Valentine

Awesome bargains buds fresh sealed nice customer care fast shipping better than gas station hemb buds flowers real value

Tanner Jansen

I love this company. Best one I have found yet and Ive been in the market for awhile. Cant really beat the price here.. Everything about my order was high quality, from the customer service, to the packaging, to the hemp itself. I ordered the Elektra since its a house favorite and it did not disappoint, I love the effects. I send my personal thanks to Potato for starting this company.

Stephen Perrone

I've had this for a while now and I've been really happy with the purchase. Before writing this I sampled half of one of the small buds in a pipe. It's terpenes are delicious and I got a sort of Cherry, Vanilla, oily, piney, taste that lingers in the mouth. I'm feeling relaxed and upbeat, and I'm glad to have finally taken the time to share my positive impression.The packaging rates AAA, and it accentuated that I was getting a premium product. I had questions before I ordered, and the customer service, and the personal touch, I got from one of the owners who took the time to respond was very good.

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