Special Sauce

Delta-8 THC Infused
Bargain Buds

  • 2nd Place Oregon Growers Cup 
  • ‘Special’ berry, mango, vanilla, skunky aroma
  • Infused with legal Delta-8 THC
  • Dusted with CBG Kief
  • Delivers a psychoactive experience
Special Sauce | Delta-8 THC Hemp Flower | Bargain Buds
Special Sauce | Delta-8 THC Hemp Flower | Bargain Buds

Special Sauce remains a top pick among our connoisseur clientele and for good reason. The earthy, berry, mango, vanilla and skunky aromas put the ‘Special’ in this favorite strain. We elevate this flower even further with a double infusion of Delta-8 THC and a dusting of CBG kief, for a full spectrum, psychoactive experience. Any lingering leaves on these round, dense buds carry the sticky resin of Delta-8 THC and are just as potent. Special Sauce Delta-8 disperses the dark clouds from your day and replaces them with a warm blanket of joyful cerebral clarity, creativity and stillness. Body aches are released, nerves are calm and the mind is at ease. 

Effects can be strong for some users, please use responsibility.


  • CBDa: 16.5%
  • CBGa: 0.4% 
  • Delta-8 THC: coming soon


Myrcene | Caryophyllene | Bisabolol | Humulene


Pineapple & Mango | Fragrant Hops | Skunk | Vanilla


Psychoactive | Euphoric | Relaxing | Happy