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Full-Spectrum CBG Concentrate
Full-Spectrum CBG Concentrate

Full-Spectrum CBG Concentrate

A rich, full-spectrum CBG extract derived from our Certified Organic hemp flowers. This is rare product in the retail marketplace.
  • +Full-Spectrum
  • +53.5% CBG
  • Highly concentrated
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Key Cannabinoids

CBG: 62.4% | CBC: 3.63% | THC: <0.3% | CBD: 1.87%

Aroma/Flavor Profile

White CBG: Earthy, woodsy, spicy | Orange Cream: Citrus, Vanilla, spicy

Onset of Effects

CBG is a remarkable cannabinoid. Research indicates that CBG's therapeutic properties may reduce oxidative stress in all biosystems, offering a mind and body health boost.

Best Used For

Dilute prior to use.

How to Use

It's recommended to dilute concentrate prior to use.

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Customer Reviews

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Jenna Reed

My husband bought a small bottle of this and we added it to some coconut oil. It mixed easily and after it cooled, we had a nice infused oil. We add it to our smoothies or sometimes take directly. It has a really nice effect! My husband who has a high stress job said it made him feel less stressed and more centered and for me I definitely feel less pain and mentally calm and just overall better! I really like it!