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CBD Use for Seniors: a Healthy and Natural Alternative

CBD Use for Seniors: a Healthy and Natural Alternative

Hemp and CBD rich products have become a popular and safe alternative to traditional medications for many in recent years, but it turns out that those over 60 may benefit even more than most.

CBD has a long history of treating insomnia and chronic pain, two problems that disproportionately affect the elderly over other age groups. CBD offers many benefits over traditional pharmaceuticals and could be the next step forward in helping the elderly in their day-to-day lives without the worry of dose increases or side effects.

One of the many benefits of CBD is that it is near impossible to build up a tolerance to it, meaning that unlike many traditional pain medications the dosage will not have to be increased as chronic pain persists. CBD has shown remarkable pain reducing properties along with marked improvement in inflammation and supporting the body's healing response. Combine that with the lack of addictive properties and CBD becomes an extremely attractive alternative to pain medication, especially in those who are particularly susceptible to tolerance issues.

CBD has also proven to be very effective as a sleep aid, relaxing both the mind and body and assisting with a healthy sleep cycle without the frightening side effects of many pharmaceutical prescriptions. Taken at night in either a tincture or gummy, CBD's effects will be noticed within 30-60 minutes. Described by many as a weighted blanket for the mind and body, users gently drift into a deep sleep and wake up refreshed.  When sleep cycles are monitored, many found they reached deep REM sleep and stayed there for longer. In a world where many, especially the elderly, are seeing record-breaking cases of insomnia and sleep troubles hemp rich in CBD is an effective solution.

On top of being an excellent pain reliever and sleep aid, CBD is also easier to take than traditional medication, particularly for those who are lacking fine motor controls. One of the most popular forms of CBD are tinctures, allowing it to be ingested directly or added to food and drink with a simple dropper. Many users also buy pre-made food or drink, making the process of relieving pain and getting to sleep as simples as eating some gummies, for example.

One important distinction when choosing a CBD product that's vital to obtaining full benefits is Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (rich in CBD) vs CBD alone. A majority of CBD products on the market contain CBD isolate, (derived from full spectrum hemp extract). While CBD alone is highly effective, it will not be as effective as a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract high in CBD.

The hemp plant contains hundreds of phytonutrients and when extracted and minimally processed, they concentrate into a rich, dark syrup. This is called full spectrum hemp extract, hemp resin or hemp crude. This form of hemp extract contains a wide array of medicinal compounds that work together within the body's endocannabinoid system to support healthy functioning and overall homeostasis. CBD on its own will assist in many functions, but without other supporting compounds, it's benefits are not as far reaching nor as effective as a full spectrum extract. 

Always read the ingredient list on CBD tinctures, gummies, pain relieving topicals and other hemp based products to ensure the main active ingredient contains Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. If it only lists 'CBD (cannabidiol) it won't have as many therapeutic benefits.

Many older folks don't want the fuss of dealing with a set of pain pills, worrying about how much to take, negative interactions and side effects and going to the pharmacy all the time. CBD provides a safe, legal, and healthy alternative that is simple and effective for those that need it the most.