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Full-spectrum Hemp Extract vs. CBD Isolate

Full-spectrum Hemp Extract vs. CBD Isolate - OGR LLC

If you've explored hemp products, you've likely heard the term Full Spectrum and CBD isolate. The distinction between full-spectrum and CBD isolate is due to the plant compounds included in each form of hemp extract.

CBD is only 1 of 113 beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant. A Full-Spectrum CBD product contains a hemp flower concentrate that has not been processed very much. It's likely the first or second stage of extraction and includes a full spectrum of various cannabis plant compounds. A full spectrum hemp extract will including several cannabinoids, (CBD, CBDV, THC, CBN, CBC) terpenes, flavonoids, essential vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, chlorophyll and other beneficial parts. Full Spectrum refers to hemp extract in its 'whole' form.

CBD isolate is just that, pure isolated CBD. It contains no other cannabinoids or hemp plant compounds. All of the synergistic qualities of the hemp extract have been removed, only CBD is left. It is a white crystalline powder. This isolate on it's own definitely has incredible benefits, but it will never be as beneficial or have the same efficacy as a full spectrum, CBD rich hemp extract.

To simplify, compare it to eating a whole orange (full spectrum) and receiving all the nutrients including, many vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, rather than just eating the vitamin C from that orange (isolate). One benefit of CBD isolate is you can receive higher doses of CBD than what naturally occurs in hemp extract. Full spectrum hemp extract will be about 45-70% CBD on average, whereas CBD isolate is 100% CBD. At Organic Green Roots, we've combined the best of both with our 3000mg and 5000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops. We use our 3 cultivar extract and boost the CBD content with pure CBD isolate from our organically grown hemp. Check it out here.

Most commercially available CBD products use only CBD isolate, not full spectrum, CBD rich hemp extract. This is typically due to legality and profitability. Since hemp extract needs to have 0.3% or less THC to be considered a legal hemp product, many companies opt to only include THC free CBD isolate to avoid any issues that could arise with having a product that includes THC, no matter how miniscule the amount. 

Unfortunately, THC still carries a stigma. This public perception was first widely perpetuated by the anti-cannabis propaganda film of the 30's called, Reefer Madness. A film that dramatically misconscrews THC's effects leading to public fear and panic. This was a well engineered narrative to steer the public away from this miracle plant, which posed a threat to the pharmaceutical, lumber and petroleum industries. But I digress... 

Full-spectrum CBD products are more effective for many users than CBD alone, in fact when CBD is paired with THC, the therapeutic benefits of CBD are boosted, partly due to THC's ability to binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors. The compounds in full-spectrum CBD work collectively and will provoke more potent effects than CBD isolate. 

CBD isolate is a great choice if you do not want THC and it will still have many benefits. But if you can have THC, we recommend a full spectrum hemp extract. All full spectrum products will only have the legal limit of 0.3% or less THC. This is not enough to produce a psychoactive experience, but it is enough to provide synergistic benefits leading to the increased efficacy. 

If you still have questions about full spectrum hemp extract vs CBD isolate, let us know!