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elizabeth hyser

worth it and better than others i’ve tried to purchase locally

Marisa Jimenez

This is the second time I've ordered, and it's always been an amazing product. The free sample is always appreciated. The shipping is always fast. And I'll be definitely be ordering a 3rd time and after that too.

Phillip Gordon

Amazing! Very potent and tasty. Looks are deceptive since this isn't your typical trim used for pre-rolls. This is the shake that comes out of the D8 infusion process; since the infusion happens on the surface and infuses inwards the smaller pieces that get the heaviest infusion (more surface area). The D8 from OGR is already more potent than others, but this is really top-notch.

I don't work for OGR and advertise for them, I know the above info because I reached out to Alysha (owner) who is extremely helpful. I highly recommend reaching out to her if you have any questions, she's happy to help!

I use this in a flower vaporizer and it works wonders, but really any way of using it will work as it's potent and tasty.

Tanner Jansen

Awesome stuff, friend and i both like it.

peter goulbourne

Lovely fresh mix, almost leaf free !. A lot stronger than I expected but with OGR not surprising. Totally fooled a friend who I told that it was D9, hilarious. Thanks to you all at OGR for consistently being a great company.
Had a second batch to check consistency and it is even better quality, all bud, sticky and potent. Three pounds is on sale for $500 right now so can feel confident that my customers will be happy. Dried some to put in capsules as is and it's very strong, a few people said it was almost too much (weird !). Thanks Alysha for the little notes and the freebies as a surprise.

Thank you for your 5 star review Peter!! :)

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