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Is Smoking Hemp Flower Right For you?

Is Smoking Hemp Flower Right For you? - OGR LLC

If you're a smoker and curious about hemp, we're made a top 10 list that might help you decide. 

1.) Hemp Flower is the most natural form of CBD as well as the other beneficial cannabinoids and compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. It delivers the full spectrum of hemp benefits and effects without any processing or other ingredients. Choosing flower grown by Small Craft Hemp Farms VS Large Scale Hemp Farms stacks the odds in your favor that you are smoking higher quality flower for optimum purity and potency. 

2.) Hemp Flower is rich in CBD and very low in THC (.3%) and is therefore non-intoxicating. This means that you can enjoy the multitude of benefits of smoking flower or ‘bud’ without the psychoactivity of THC dominant cannabis. You can enjoy the bliss without the buzz!

3.) Smoking hemp flower provides a fast delivery of effects and benefits. By inhaling the hemp flower straight into the lungs it goes directly to the bloodstream, which circulates it throughout the body. This increases the bioavailability of all of the naturally occurring beneficial plant compounds.

4.) Smoking hemp flower delivers the entourage effect’ of the cannabinoids, especially the CBD and THC, with the terpenes. What this means is that the beneficial efficacy of the cannabinoids for providing therapeutic effects, such as relief and calm, is greatly enhanced when consumed in the natural ‘whole plant’ state, as opposed to consuming isolated cannabinoids. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

5.) Hemp flower is available in many strains that provide various effects and benefits depending on the dominant cannabinoid and terpene profile of each strain. This provides the opportunity to select individual strains of hemp flower that meet your individual needs and desires. 

6.) Smoking hemp flower is also an enjoyable ‘breathing’ activity. You can savor the unique aromas and flavors of individual strains as you inhale calming relief and exhale tension.     

7.) There are several ways that you can enjoy smoking hemp flower. You can hand roll your own joints, buy pre-rolls, smoke it in a pipe or vape it. All methods are equally beneficial and enjoyable.

8.) Smoking Hemp flower can provide an alternative to smoking tobacco products and avoiding nicotine. Although, it has not been conclusively established that CBD assists with helping to reduce the side effects of quitting smoking, we’ve received numerous customer testimonials that attribute smoking hemp with their ability to quit smoking tobacco. A few reasons include hemp’s ability to ease the symptoms of withdrawal, such as shaking. There have also been studies that support the role of inhaling CBD as a replacement when first experiencing the ‘urge’ for a cigarette (nicotine).

Since part of the nicotine cigarette urge is also associated with the behavioral factor of lighting up, inhaling and feeling a release, substituting a hemp flower cigarette helps reduce that craving. Anecdotal evidence has shown that many people have had positive results by smoking hemp flower as an aid for smoking cessation. Why not give it a try?

9.) The dependable calming effect of CBD can be readily experienced when smoking hemp flower. CBD is still being studied, and the exact mechanism of action of HOW CBD interacts with the brain’s GBA receptors to produce such enjoyable relaxation and calm to the mind has not yet been conclusive, however, CBD’s body and mind calming effect has been experienced by millions of users.

10.) Smoking hemp flower is an affordable, enjoyable way to easily and quickly deliver the maximum benefits of calm, ease, release and mood elevation that are the hallmark effects of cannabis. So, you might consider kicking back and lighting up a hemp flower and let the experience speak for itself! One of our favorites is Pineapple Express. 

Explore the many Organic Green Roots Hemp Flower options that are available and let us know how it helped you.